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More sustainable technologies and strategies with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

In recent months, of the various topics that are on the world's lips (not only in technical areas, but also in society) one major theme prevails: that of artificial intelligence. Another equally challenging topic that we will unveil in this article is how to make technology more sustainable in order to be able to supply a world that requires more speed and energy for business strategies.

Nowadays, investing in sustainability has definitely become an imperative for companies that want to thrive in the long term. Integrating sustainable strategies into operations and technologies not only helps protect the environment but also promotes operational efficiency and innovation in organizations.

Izertis, as a technology consultancy, recognizes the importance of keeping up with innovations in the field of sustainability and highlights the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability as an essential tool for companies that want to lead in this area.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability: Overview

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability supports businesses on their path to greener operations

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, as a platform designed to help companies manage and reduce their environmental impact, offers a series of tools that allow them to monitor, analyze and report on environmental data in real time.

With features including carbon management, resource optimization, and process automation, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability supports businesses on their journey to greener, more responsible operations.

Negative impacts of conventional technology on the environment

Conventional technology has contributed significantly to environmental degradation. From high energy consumption to the production of electronic waste, the challenges are numerous. The carbon footprint of technology operations is a growing concern, as is the impact of data centers, which consume large amounts of energy. In this context, the adoption of sustainable technological solutions becomes crucial to mitigate these negative effects and promote a greener future.

The concept of "Green IT" highlights the importance of using technologies that reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability aligns perfectly with this approach, offering solutions to optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

How can Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability contribute to sustainable strategies?

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability offers specific features that help companies reduce the environmental impacts of their technology operations. Among its main features are:

  • Carbon emissions management: tools for measuring, reporting, and reducing carbon emissions, allowing businesses to set clear goals and track progress.
  • Energy efficiency: solutions to optimize energy consumption in data centers and daily operations, thus reducing the ecological footprint.
  • Resource management: technologies that enable the efficient management of natural resources, promoting the recycling and reuse of materials.
  • Transparency and reporting: tools for creating detailed and accurate sustainability reports, which can be shared with stakeholders and regulators.

Sustainable technology: implementation and benefits for organizations

How to put it into practice? There are several approaches to promoting responsible energy use, from everyday actions, to significant investments in process redesign and manufacturing:

  • Efficient hardware production, encouraging environmental certifications such as ISO 14000 and ISO 5001 to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Manufacture of durable and more energy-efficient products.
  • Virtualization and centralization of IT systems in certified clouds, reducing resource consumption.
  • Implementing policies to shut down devices or put them into standby mode when not in use.

What are the benefits for companies that adopt sustainable technology?

Consultancies can also help in defining strategies

Today, this issue is not only relevant for large companies, but also for smaller organizations, and the corporate image around Green IT is the order of the day. Companies that invest in sustainability and disclose their initiatives in a transparent way are closer to a part of society that is sensitive to environmental issues.

In this process, studies and audits can be carried out to support the measures implemented. Consultancies can also help in defining the strategies and investments needed for the sustainable transition. The long-term savings resulting from the reduction of energy consumption are evident and reinforce corporate responsibility, promoting the social changes needed to combat climate change.

Companies such as Iberdrola, Acciona, Banco Santander and Telefónica show their commitment to sustainability through annual reports that reflect and demonstrate policies, risks and opportunities, such as:

  • Sustainability Charter;
  • Code of Ethics;
  • Policies and commitments;
  • Risks and opportunities;
  • Implementation of the "United Nations Global Compact" COP;
  • Evolution of the main indicators of sustainable commitment;
  • Inclusive and sustainable growth.

More sustainable strategies with Microsoft technology from Izertis

We are ready to help your company implement strategies that benefit the environment

At Izertis, we support and encourage the development of sustainability plans, assisting in the implementation of measures to reduce the carbon footprint and achieve environmental certifications in other environmental projects, such as the N0Waste Project.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is a powerful tool that helps businesses address environmental challenges and adopt more sustainable practices. With our expertise in Microsoft solutions, we are ready to help your business implement strategies that benefit the environment and promote sustainable growth.