Project portfolio
Pedro Cano Lead of Project and Service Solutions

Steps for the implementation of Microsoft Project in the pharmaceutical industry

The whole process of implementing a PPM tool begins with the analysis and evaluation of project portfolio management tools, in order to always select and implement the most appropriate to the management and monitoring client requirements. For this, our specialized consultants in Izertis, take into account the following aspects.

AS-IS initial situation and prerequisites:

  • Global vision of the project portfolio.
  • Visibility on the most representative KPIs.
  • Demand management.
  • Planning, management and monitoring of the status of projects.
  • Resource management.
  • Management of incidents, risks, deliverables, and documents.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams so that teams can self-manage their tasks in an agile way.

Main challenges and milestones to carry out Microsoft Project implementations

  1. Implement the common management base in the company, both for projects and resources.
  2. Generate a common financial management base, which allows for the subsequent incorporation of the particularities of each area.
  3. Facilitate the collaboration of work teams.

Implementation of the new TO-BE Model

In the first instance, together with the client, a project set is selected and a pilot for the implementation of Microsoft Project Online (Microsoft's PPM tool) is carried out, to support the processes of managing the portfolio of industrial projects and product development, including the following modules:

-resource management,

-demand management,

-financial and budgetary management,

-document management and

-portfolio and project risk management.

After conducting the Microsoft Project Online pilot, the complete implementation of the tool is addressed, covering all types of projects of the company and departments, and expanding its scope to the national and international scene of the solution if applicable (from the manufacture of new products, quality control, expansion to new markets, even the company's own IT management).

At Izertis, we have extensive experience in the implementation of Microsoft Project Online in an integrated way with other platforms to achieve the following functionalities:

  • Power BI: To create reports and dashboards.
  • Microsoft Teams: To support the agile collaboration of work teams by synchronizing projects and tasks with Project Online.
  • Sharepoint: To centralize the management of commercial demand for product development.

Benefits for our clients

With the implementation of the solution, our clients get the following benefits:

  • Corporate homogenization in project management.
  • Unification of the financial management of the different types of project.
  • Adaptation of resource management to a more robust model aligned with project and workload management.
  • Automation of the demand for new projects, and maximization of the efficiency and performance of the project portfolio according to the financial demand.
  • Detailed management of the product development life cycle, from its manufacture to its expansion to different countries.
  • Fostering the collaboration of work teams.