Intranets: the heart of organisations

The era of intranets is coming to an end, ushering in a new era of digital workspaces. With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, we say: "Bye bye intranets" and open our arms to digital workspaces, where automation and digital efficiency are crucial. This change has led to increased productivity and better adaptation to competitive environments, providing employees with advanced technologies to improve access to and sharing of information. This reflects not only a technological evolution, but also a cultural adaptation towards more flexible and dynamic working environments.

This new paradigm promises smoother collaboration, barrier-free communication and unprecedented efficiency. Digital workspaces not only connect people, but also offer a wealth of functionality, integrating processes, tools and data into a unified platform, facilitating true digital transformation and delivering a range of benefits that drive productivity and collaboration, regardless of employees' physical location.

Change in the modern workplace is about adapting to a dynamic and technologically advanced environment. Employees demand tools that improve their productivity and enable them to contribute significant value. Omni-channeling and ubiquity are becoming essential for working from anywhere, while collaboration and fostering collective talent are key to competitive growth. In short, change involves a transformation towards flatter structures, with more fluid communication and a focus on employee experience and needs.

So why do you need a digital workspace?

Digital workspaces offer unprecedented flexibility

Digital workspaces have become an essential tool in the modern business world. These spaces not only boost employee engagement and satisfaction, but also enhance corporate reputation, facilitate knowledge sharing and optimise productivity and efficiency.

With the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, digital workspaces offer unprecedented flexibility that translates into greater job satisfaction and a better work-life balance. In addition, the centralisation of communication and resources fosters more effective collaboration and more efficient knowledge management.

What do you need to address your digital workspace solution?

The user experience becomes more fluid and consistent, regardless of the channel or device used

An effective digital workspace solution must meet several essential criteria: scalable to accommodate business growth, secure to protect valuable data, customisable to meet the specific needs of each user, and modular to facilitate integration and flexibility. To ensure that these fundamental characteristics are present, it is essential to rely on a solid and reliable underlying technology. Liferay DXP excels in this area, offering a robust and adaptable platform that enables companies to build a digital workplace that not only meets the requirements of today's organisations, but is also ready to respond quickly to constant change and future demands. Liferay DXP is positioned as the strategic ally for organisations looking to evolve in an ever-changing marketplace. 

Artificial intelligence seamlessly integrated into Liferay DXP intranet

Liferay DXP stands out for its ability to integrate with key external systems such as CRM, ERP, e-learning platforms... This interoperability, coupled with its omni-channel approach, gives businesses the ability to offer a seamless and connected experience for both employees and customers. The user experience becomes more fluid and consistent, regardless of the channel or device used.

Artificial intelligence is seamlessly integrated into the Liferay DXP intranet, allowing processes to be automated and interactions to be personalised. This, coupled with leveraging its advanced API system, highlights the flexibility and potential of Liferay DXP to be an engine of change. 

What features does your digital workspace need?

Improving operational efficiency, employee engagement and employee experience is a challenge, but we have a wide range of functionalities and tools at our fingertips to help us achieve this.


Below is a list of some of them: 

  • Day-to-day employee functionalities: my pay slips, my paid leave, my travel, my expenses, my time records, my income tax certificates, my activity, my materials, my digital CV, my holidays, my notifications, my documents, my administrative formalities (change of bank account, change of address, change of income tax rate, etc.), my benefits, my company car, etc.
  • Spaces for the employee to keep up to date with everything that is happening in the company: news, events, my company on video, notice board, new projects, success stories, my company culture, procedures, corporate resources, organisation chart, area to visualise the status of actions, employee of the year, latest incorporations, employee benefits, initiatives and activities.
  • Facilities for the management of employees: holiday and leave manager, registration manager, tempo planner, expenses and allowances manager, payroll manager, time sheet manager, travel manager, materials manager, personal income tax certificate manager, employee manager, leave manager, employee activity management, document manager, etc.
  • Functionalities for the management of selection processes and knowledge and talent: vacancy and internal promotion manager, candidate / talent huntermanager, publication of vacancies on external platforms, KPIs and monitoring of recruiters and selection process.
  • Functionalities for 360-degree management of employee registration and deregistration: complete pre-boarding prior to joining the company, sending of communications and automation of tasks in all areas of the company involved in the process of registration (for the purchase and dispatch of material, drawing up the contract) and deregistration (for the delivery of materials by the employee, management of pending holidays, drawing up the settlement, etc.).
  • Talent and knowledge management functionalities: Digital CV - CV generator doc. or PDF, search for employees by certificates, skills, experience... performance appraisal tools, academic secretariat.
  • Functionalities for business growth (company integration): massive employee registrations, personalised onboarding processes, holiday imports, searches and traceability of users from integrated companies.
  • Management functionalities: for company car fleet management, management of all car information and documents, car reservation by employees, management and maintenance of cars assigned to employees, maintenance alerts, MOT, car usage reports.
  • Functionalities to encourage participation/collaborative spaces: who's who, internal social network, chat, wikis, surveys, blogs, areas for employees to propose initiatives for activities, events, etc.
  • Increases employee engagement - employee motivation: onboarding employees, today is my birthday, izacademy, employee benefits, car&go (car sharing among employees) zones to encourage healthy habits among employees, zones to encourage innovation, identify new ideas and promote their development. Functionalities to reward employees with the best ideas and discover talent, points systems for completing the digital CV (access to content, commenting on forums, publishing content, use of tools, generation of ideas), employee ranking to give recognition.
  • Tools for team analysis to build trust, foster inclusion, increase commitment and create a culture of high performance through open communication, thereby improving results, builds trust and fosters inclusion.
  • Other interesting functionalities: flex office (workplace management) on-site visitor registration, suggestion box, quality management, automatic notifications, form management, room booking, social areas, e.g. for food collection campaigns; telework management, integration with active directory, advanced employee behaviour analytics, understanding employee behaviour patterns by day and time, measuring the effectiveness of different sections through visits, building dynamic segments based on employee behaviour and profile attributes and tracking individual employee performance, generating personalised content for employees based on their interests and behaviour.
  • Mobility environment in your digital workspace: tools and functionalities to enhance and exploit the use of the latest capabilities of the different devices that employees use on a daily basis, and which represent an exponential improvement in terms of employee experience. The app can be a tool that streamlines and groups the most used utilities and makes the most of the resources offered by the devices, such as login with face ID, live notifications, interactive widgets , informative widgets ... This applies not only to smartphones, but also to the rest of the smart device ecosystem, such as smartwatches, smart TVs and virtual reality devices. 
  • Functionalities to get the most out of our digital workspace with AI and work smarter: intelligent search to quickly find information, contacts and documents, guided assistance procedures, interactive chat to ask questions about any kind of information about your company and receive guided assistance in different processes, functionalities to enable the marketing or human resources team. In addition, fully or partially automated content creation in less time, and image generation to quickly integrate vibrant AI-generated images that capture attention and communicate your vision effectively, functionality to boost efficiency in finding organisational knowledge on digital CVs or directly on PDF CVs, personalised recommendations to equip employees with the right information, at the right time.

Izertis makes it easy for you

Digital transformation is a pathway to innovation and operational excellence

Izertis offers an innovative digital workspace solution, Izertia (, which is developed on Liferay DXP. This platform is a reflection of the company's commitment to digital transformation and the continuous improvement of the work experience in organisations. Izertia facilitates communication and collaboration between employees, and also promotes a flexible work culture that is accessible from any device, anywhere. With a wide range of functionalities, Izertia is designed to adapt to the particular and changing needs of modern organisations, enabling more efficient management and greater satisfaction for all employees. It is a tool that reflects the 'People & Culture' philosophy of Izertis, putting people at the centre of the business strategy. 

We invite companies to consider the transition to a digital workspace as a strategic investment in their future, to improve operations and to invest in the well-being and satisfaction of all employees. It is not just about adopting new technologies, but about reimagining the way we work and collaborate. Digital transformation is a path to innovation and operational excellence, and digital workspaces are just the beginning.