Izertis and Barbara IoT sign an association agreement

The new alliance between Izertis and Barbara IoT allows to reinforce and expand the network of suppliers that Izertis is a partner of, exchanging synergies and uniting capacities in implementation of IoT solutions, providing this technology with a higher level of security and control about the hardware and software of sensors, actuators and gateways.

With this partnership will put on the market new IoT solutions of high value for customers and adapt them to their reality. This agreement will allow to modernize the business models and to promote the digital transformation in the companies thanks to the integration of the Internet of the things.

Barbara IoT is a software manufacturer whose mission is to make the Internet of things easy and secure, so becoming partners of Barbara IoT will allow us to maintain leadership in the market and strengthen the portfolio of services to offer our customers Internet of things operating systems that enable them to automate and improve processes and increase productivity quickly, boost efficiency and make data-based decisions.