SAP Lumira


Create and share stories with your data.

Turn your challenge into opportunities

Explore and analyze data online with a simple-to-use solutions. Create stories with BI visualizations from all types of data that others can leverage, build on, and share.


Develop interactive, mobile-ready dashboards and analytics applications to collaborate with users and their data stories and provide fingertip access to actionable insight. Connect to data anytime, anywhere for deeper insights and informed decision-making on the go. Explore data with filters, drilldown capabilities, and hierarchical navigation.

Self Service Business Intelligence

What’s the role of data and analytics in fueling digital transformation? First, digital transformation requires new ways of thinking about data and how it’s used. It also requires breaking data siloes and process barriers that prevent business users and IT from coming together, so you can gain unprecedented insight to move your business boldly ahead in today’s digital economy.

Simplify analytics

Across industries, analytics complexity is a stark reality for business users and IT professionals.

SAP Lumira takes a different approach. It eases the learning curve for business users to create and consume analytics, increases self-service user adoption, and reduces the time and cost burden for IT.

  • On-premise and cloud deployment
  • Single, simple design, fast adoption
  • Inclusive self-service analytics across every line of business
  • Real-time performance and insight with an optimized solution


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