Don't neglect your users: run performance tests on your software

We focus on establishing the speed at which a system under test performs a task under particular conditions, helping your organisation to detect bottlenecks in your application before your users suffer poor performance resulting in customer or employee frustration and consequent financial loss.

4 ways to improve response times.


We seek clear objectives


We determine whether the user will be satisfied with the speed of the application under (expected) "day-to-day" usage conditions.


We determine the throughput necessary for the system to operate at peak times (when most users are expected).


We estimate how far the system can be loaded before it becomes unusable.


Known as stress testing, this test generates load on the system until it becomes unusable in order to analyse the results.

Do not wait for your users to find the problems, run performance tests before moving to production.

Why run performance tests?



The night before a move to production is often characterised by little sleep and a lot of stress caused by the uncertainty of not knowing how the system will behave once all users are working in the environment.



Performance tests aims to anticipate problems that may occur once the application is in production. Performance tests means sleeping well, knowing that your system is ready for the expected load.


Risk reduction

Failure to run performance tests is, in many cases, an economic loss, not only caused by the lack of availability of your systems and the impact this has on your production, but also by the impact that the lack of service has on the end user.

We are experts because we analyse test results and give indications for improvement or troubleshooting

How do we run performance tests?


1. Methodology

The performance tests services offered by Globe Testing are based on our own methodology, and consist of 4 distinct consecutive phases:

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Implementation
  • Closure

Los servicios de pruebas de rendimiento ofrecidos por Globe Testing se basan en nuestra propia metodología, y se componen de 4 fases consecutivas bien diferenciadas:


2. How does it work?

The performance tests are executed by means of automated scripts, which emulate the actions that an end user would perform on the application under test. The scripts are executed in parallel, each emulating a "virtual user", thus anticipating the expected load when the system goes into production.

During the execution of the tests, our consultants are in charge of monitoring the system, which receives the load by means of performance indicators, this action is commonly called system monitoring. Based on the metrics obtained, Globe Testing suggests improvements to optimise the performance of the system and, in this way, improve the response times of the application.


3. Comprehensive service

Globe Testing offers a comprehensive performance tests service, however, given the nature of this type of testing, it is important to work as a team with the rest of theirs resources (system administrators, developers, database administrators...).

Los consultores d e Globe Testing analizarán los resultados de las pruebas y darán indicaciones a su personal en cuanto a las áreas de mejoras o posibles problemas. Así mismo, serán los responsables de indicar los tipos de pruebas a ejecutar y el volumen de carga de los mismos, entre otras cosas.


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