Your software must work as everyone expects it to

Functional tests focus on expecting that the developed systems work according to the specifications and requirements of the client.
This service helps your organisation to detect possible defects resulting from errors in the programming phase.

What are functional


There are tests that focus on the behaviour of the systems and on the input and output data of the environment under test.

Initially, functional tests are mostly performed manually, but any test where the tester does not provide value should be automated. In this sense, automated tests save time in repetitive procedures, and increase test reliability by eliminating the human error intrinsic to functional testing.


Types of functional tests



We test the operation of the developed software on different platforms: hardware, operating systems, browsers, networks, etc.


We verify the connections and communications between the different modules of the software developed with third-party agents, such as payment gateways, advertising systems, etc.


We check the correct functioning of the developed software against evolutionary changes in functionality..

Why should you do functional tests?


Cost saving

Investing in functional tests saves you from future problems that can be very costly in terms of time and money.

With functional tests you will improve the final quality of your service by avoiding possible errors in the operation of your software.


Risk reduction

Directly you do not have to risk losing Clients, Money, Confidence in the service

By reducing risks through early detection of defects, software quality and performance is optimised.


Brand image

If software errors are generated in your product, your business brand will be impacted, resulting in a bad image of your company in front of the user.

With functional tests you avoid damaging the value of your company with the early and timely detection of errors in your software.

If your website is not working properly, you will lose visitors, sales and the opportunity to gain new customers.

Turn users into loyal customers who recommend your brand and help improve your web positioning.

Mobile Testing Lab


Check that your app is free of error on any type of mobile device.

We have a wide range of devices, from the most cutting-edge on the market to those with more limited hardware but no less used for that.

We rely on the 3M testing model, which guarantees successful publication in all major application markets.

  • Discover how to visualise in real time the use your customers make of your application.
  • Get the performance of your application on each device on which it is used.
  • Understand how and why your application crashes.
  • Compare performance improvements with each new version.
  • Monitoring the usage of your mobile app on every device is critical to the success of your business.

How do we do functional tests?


Among the basic tasks of any functional tests project is the analysis of functional documents, customer requirements and the design of a test plan covering all use cases of the application, such as: simulation of test environments, execution of test cases and management of defects found.


Globe Testing performs an integral management of the functional testing project, from the beginning until it is ready for marketing and production. Among the testing methodologies most commonly used by Globe Testing are Agile Testing and waterfall testin. The latter methodology is based on working in parallel with the development teams, differentiating three main phases: planning, preparation and execution.


Providing not only technical, but also user vision, Globe Testing's tasks go beyond finding bugs in the system, in many cases giving recommendations regarding the usability and accessibility of the system under test.


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