Analyse your environment. Considering present and future conditions


Do you know the speed of your systems?

Measure performance and availability before it impacts in your users' experience.


Do you know if your web, cloud or SaaS application is performing as promised?

Measure the performance of your systems and take action.


Get the visibility you need from inside or outside your firewall, with real users or simulated transactions:

Monitor your system.

Why should you do performance testing?


1. Visibility

Gain visibility of the impact that incidents have on the business. Improve knowledge of the elements that impact the different business processes, which parts will be impacted by a future change or which incidents have occurred as a result of a change made.


2. Time reduction

Average problem resolution time is a dreaded average for operations teams. By constantly monitoring your systems you will be able to drastically reduce problem resolution time.


3. Anticipating problems

Anticipate to the end users when it comes to detecting problems, you will be able to review what a user was doing when a problem was encountered, and predict the problem before it happens again. You will also be able to take advantage of all the work done in the testing phases to deploy the monitoring in production with minimum time and effort.

How do we do it?


Synthetic Monitoring

Check critical user flows in real time and assess their actual performance, including transactions and processes that rely on third parties.


Real User Monitoring

Las pruebas de rendimiento tienen como objetivo anticipar los problemas que puedan ocurrir una vez la aplicación esté en producción. Hacer pruebas de rendimiento significa dormir bien, sabiendo que tu sistema está preparado para la carga esperada.


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