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Izertis has a team of professionals certified in all the Atlassian solutions you need and in the most common management frameworks for process, project and service management.

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Our unique advantage lies in our extensive experience in both conventional and agile methodologies and process models. This allows us to collaborate with you in designing the best solutions that will propel your business to success.

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We have developed a portfolio of services to meet each of your needs:

Atlassian Licenses

Licences and subscriptions

We help you in the whole process of decision making, acquisition, optimisation and administration of licenses for all Atlassian products.

We have a team trained and familiar with the entire application ecosystem and its licensing models. We will work with the purchasing departments to ensure that all licences are available in a timely manner without errors or delays.

Leave it to us to deal directly with Atlassian.

Installation and configuration


Our team of consultants work regularly on projects for the implementation of all types of processes on the Atlassian platform. Our work methodology covers from the initial phases of requirements gathering to the delivery of the environment configured according to your needs.

All this work is carried out in accordance with the most common operational frameworks and methodologies on the market: ITIL 4, Agile, DevOps, etc.

Our main interest: to give you the best possible value and a fully operational solution.

Support and maintenance

Evolutionary maintenance:

You have started alone with your team, the solution is successful and you want to extend the use of the solution in your company?

We help you to configure a scalable solution to incorporate more areas and departments of your company including other IT and Business areas. We have extensive experience in this type of situations where we help you with an assessment of the current situation and definition of a Roadmap to extend the use of the solution in a staggered manner throughout your organisation.

Cloud Migration

If you have a Server environment and have not yet started planning your migration to Cloud or Datacenter, you can take advantage of our experience in these processes. You can count on our advice to make your migration as safe and efficient as possible. By migrating to the cloud, you can benefit from greater flexibility and stability, as well as long-term cost reductions.

Plugins and integrations

Do you have very specific needs?

We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive experience tailored to your unique needs, and this includes strategically selecting the best Apps available in the Atlassian Marketplace to leverage core product functionality, taking your enterprise solutions to unimaginable levels of integration, efficiency and customisation.

Specialised training

Atlassian environments are easy to use and offer a high-level user experience. However, after the completion of each project, we include specific training aimed at facilitating the use of the solution provided to both the administrators and the users of the environment.

Learn about Atlassian and its products

Atlassian solutions are a suite of software tools designed to optimise project management and services that foster business collaboration. These solutions not only improve team productivity and efficiency, but also foster transparency, effective communication and collaborative work - crucial factors for the long-term success of any organisation.

Our focus:

Our solutions consultants get involved early during your assessment process to provide guidance on implementation strategies and share best practices.

Our team follows a four-step approach to ensure you succeed with your Atlassian initiative.

WE PARTNER WITH YOU to ensure that we are providing the highest level of accurate engagement for your Business needs. Our consultants will lead the implementation in collaboration with your teams while we ensure knowledge transfer throughout the process. We will always be available after implementation to help you optimise your solution or provide guidance on how to adapt it to new needs.

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