People are the center of our organization and from them our business culture is born. A culture represented by ideas and the way we relate to our clients and our workers (Izertians). In short, the way we make business.

Boosting the talent of our teams is a priority for us. Acting like this we can offer the best services by the hand of the most qualified professionals. And all this, with a goal, to face the challenges of our customers as our own.

  1. We have the vocation of a GREAT company. We want to attract the attention of both the best talent and the best customers, but not at any price: honesty, integrity , equality, innovation and the spirit of teamwork are our inalienable principles.
  2. We want to have fun with what we do and that our work helps to change things. Living our passion makes us get up every day with the strenght to develop ourselves as professionals and to feel fulfilled for what we have built together.
  3. The people who develop within Izertis have the utmost respect from the company. That is why we recommend full transparency and a fluid internal communication so that you can get to know of Izertis everything you want.
  4. Sharing our knowledge makes us evolve as a team. We organize internal training sessions and open-door meetups so that everyone with an interest in our areas of knowledge can follow us and learn directly from our best specialists.
  5. Cordiality, respect, flexibility, transparency and closeness. These are the keys the leaders of our teams use to make easier the professional trajectory of the izertians, based on meritocracy as a system of professional evolution and on ubiquity as a working model. Digital transformation starts with ourselves.

We seek to be the most attractive company for the society as a whole, for our clients, for izertians and for our partners and employees, as well as for the shareholders of our company.