The main objective of the EUSKATE project is the generation of new knowledge based on the use and application of Blockchain technology in industry, and, in the context of production automation, traceability and energy management, in such a way that new products, processes or services can be generated that will considerably improve the existing ones.


Addressing the specific challenges and needs of advanced manufacturing through disruptive technology such as blockchain.

Ensuring interoperability of the blockchain with existing industry protocols and systems.

Designing identity management mechanisms, a dedicated trade repository system, consensus algorithm and smart contract mechanisms and trade automation tailored to current industry needs and systems.


A Blockchain platform for Industry 4.0 has been created to allow project members to develop prototypes in laboratory or controlled environments, as well as to validate, experiment and analyse new products and services based on the technology that can offer them differential value against the competition against the competition.

Participating entities

Funding Entity(ies)

  • Basque Agency for Business Development (Basque Government)
  • Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology


  • Izertis (coordinator)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • Royde
  • Gashor Teams
  • Dominion Digital
  • Ibermotica
  • Ionsolar Group


  • Technolio