Marta García Prado IoT Lead Consultant

IoT ecosystem: the importance of partnership to achieve value projects

In other posts we have already commented that when talking about projects of Internet of Things they are not projects of a single type of technology but a mixture of different technologies, products and solutions. In general, they are not 100% replicable and each of them requires analysis to opt for each element that makes everything fit perfectly. It could be said that an IoT project can be seen as a puzzle of different technologies:

This puzzle is not really fixed, it is expanding every day. New pieces such as blockchain, drones, etc. are added to it.

Collaboration agreements, keys to increase the value of IoT projects

Those of us who have been in the world of technology we have seen how it has evolved in terms of cooperation and relationship between companies. In the past, companies often reinvented the wheel to avoid hiring other companies or acquiring third-party libraries for fear of being tied to others. It was very common for any machine/device to communicate only with software from the company that manufactured it, using proprietary protocols. Nowadays things have changed a lot.

Technology is advancing so fast that companies have realized that they cannot carry out all new developments because they would not arrive on time to the market. Strategic alliances, collaboration agreements and partnerships in which each company contributes with its know-how to achieve a higher value project in less time are becoming more common. Moreover, we talk less and less about proprietary communication protocols and we bet more on standardization and open protocols.

IoT Solutions World Congress: union is strength

In the last IoT Solutions World Congress we were, meeting point of the main companies that work on IoT projects, the concept “Ecosystem” was repeated many times. All attending companies agreed that it is essential that the relationship between hardware and software manufacturers is close. In IoT projects it could be said that “union is strength” and the different specialists must join to build more powerful solutions.

The Izertis IoT ecosystem

In Izertis, being aware of this fact, we have our own ecosystem of partners with whom we work on different projects and it is expanding over time. When new opportunities arise, it is essential to keep in mind who are the best in each area to achieve the success of the projects with the best guarantees.

Within our company we have experts in different technologies such as vision, artificial intelligence, IoT, software development, security, etc. but in turn we have other companies specialized in hardware and other technologies that offer their good work in their products and that offer easy integration with our developments. In these times when we talk so much about technology distancing people, we can say that technology brings companies closer.


When a company decides to face an IoT project, it must bet on a solution that integrates different technologies and a company that has the knowledge of the IoT ecosystem and the necessary alliances to address it in the shortest possible time. If you are thinking of carrying out any project of this nature, consult with Izertis.