The SYMMETRY project has consisted of the development of a scalable and interoperable digital platform that supports the creation and operation of new digital services incorporating the latest disruptive healthcare technologies to improve the detection and integrated treatment of chronic diseases, significantly reduce medical errors and fully integrate the electronic health record system.


Design and develop a user-centred digital platform for health and wellness solutions and services.

Develop a digital health record system based on SNOMED CT as the standard terminology, using standard terminology, using natural language to translate free text into standard terms and that provide clinical decision support using artificial intelligence.

Build prevention and health care management services for users with chronic and dependent conditions (telemedicine, remote monitoring, chatbots...).

Develop a prototype of cognitive services based on artificial vision for the detection of psychological or neurological pathologies in chronic patients.


As a result of the implementation of the SYMMETRY project, a medical information system has been developed, taking advantage of new information technologies, such as cloud computing, IoT or machine learning, to offer innovative and added-value services.

SYMMETRY is an important technological novelty, since algorithms and technologies available in the scientific community have been used to develop a new solution with improved features for the management of information in the clinical field. In addition, the project represented a significant technological breakthrough in the development of new medical decision support systems, carried out through industrial design and process engineering.

Participating entities

Funding Entity

  • Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda


  • Izertis