SSI 4.0

SSI 4.0

The main objective of the project is the research and experimental development of technologies to achieve a new area of digitalisation, optimisation and improvement of the industry, focusing on the generation of relationships of trust between the different actors and systems of the industrial ecosystem, as well as on the management of the sovereignty, integrity and confidentiality of the information exchanged by them (credentials, designs, production data, etc.). To achieve this objective, the project aims to develop a platform for sovereign identity management and data governance in the context of Industry 4.0


Transferring the benefits of the new digital model of Self-Sovereign Identity from the IT world to the industrial sector (OT field).

Design and propose an innovative credential model that allows a resource or product to universally demonstrate its characteristics, qualifications and certifications to third parties (other systems, production resources or even components).

Investigate cryptographic and mathematical algorithms that in the combination with Blockchain technology makes it possible to guarantee in a technical and mathematical way that, in services based on data or its exploitation (predictive maintenance, energy consumption prediction, etc.), both industry data and algorithms can be protected used by a third party to offer such services.


Definition and validation and experimentation of a technological platform based on SSI and Blockchain technology that will:
Reliably third-party verify claims made on the compliance of industrial products and resources.
Serve as a trusted third party for the governance of shared data between different Industry 4.0 entities.
Ensure immutability, reliability, traceability, and transparency of information use among the community of entities.

Participating entities


  • Izertis (leader)
  • Ibermática
  • Royde
  • Gashor
  • Tecnalia Certificación
  • Arreche
  • AFM


  • Tecnalia e i3B