The key objective of the H2020 NATCONSUMERS project is to develop an advanced and comprehensive user-centred framework for the implementation of efficient energy retrofitting programmes in the domestic environment. The approach was based on establishing the full characteristics of the EU energy consumer and then designing specific personalised actions, based on the use of natural language and emotional content, adopted or co-opted from the consumer's patterns. In this context, the provision of comments or consumers has shown promising results, achieving savings of 5% or 20% on the cost of living.


Assessing the context and situation of household energy consumption in the EU

Characterise the profile of residential residential users in terms of in terms of energy consumption

Classifying EU energy consumers

Create a user awareness framework for the promotion of sustainable energy practices.


Firstly, three segmentation models were developed for energy consumers: the first is based on patterns of their energy consumption over time, the second on socio-demographic variables and the third on their attitudes and values (obtained through surveys). With this information, a virtual energy advisor was developed that performs a complete mapping of each individual's energy consumption and designs specific personalised actions tailored to each detected consumption pattern, targeting or raising user awareness, and using natural language and emotional content to maximise user acceptance.

Participating entities

Funding Entity

  • European Commission


  • Ariosz (coordinator)
  • Foundation for the Advancement of Soft Computing
  • Value, Development and Innovation
  • NotionaI Institute for Consumer Research
  • Research on the Energy System
  • VaasaETT
  • Strategic Design Scenarios
  • Draxis
  • Energy Saving Trust England
  • Izertis