The general objective of the project is to automate the study of the behaviour of three-dimensional tumour cell cultures in order to determine patterns and new variables and relationships that contribute to the study of cancer behaviour and to the global knowledge of the disease. In order to achieve a ton ambitious overall objective, it is necessary to address the following individual objectives: Carrying out protocols for the bioprinting of 3D models capable of being used in tumour cell culture processes, where the characteristics of the final products to be printed and the printing data and variables for the optimisation and automation of the process will be considered. Design systems for monitoring cell cultures from microscope images. Relevant data collector to enrich the knowledge of automatic learning systems, obtaining associated indicators or historical observations, pattern recognition and discovery of new proxy variables. Take advantage of the representations that the system learns automatically to minimise the intervention required by expert human personnel, thereby increasing the capacity and accuracy of the analysis.


The insertion of useful input features to improve the quality of the classification system. In fact, some features may not be suitable for separating data points II.

Obtaining sufficient unbiased training data for those features, in formats that are accepted by the system. Such data may be in the form of images, text or any other format.


Artificial Intelligence system capable of automating the 3D bioprinting process of cell cultures tumours and makes it easier to obtain reproducible results. Artificial Intelligence system capable of automating the study of the changes produced in tumour cell cultures depending on different variables such as time, the presence of formulas, the number of cells or any other significant variable. 

Participating entities

Funding Entity

  • FINBA (Foundation for Biosanitary Research and Innovation of the Principality of Asturias)