Official launching of the 4DPrintEN project, designed to manufacture electrical power generation devices by means of 3D printing

4DPrintEN is a transnational project involving leading companies and public institutions from the technological and R&D sector, such as Bucharest National Institute of Physics of Materials (NIMP), All Green, Intelectro, Izertis, the Technical University Gheorghe Asachi of Iasi and Idonial technological center, who collaborate together in order to provide solutions to the problem, increasingly worrying, of global energy scarcity.

The incipient brushstrokes of this multidisciplinary project, which is scheduled to end in March 2021, have been presented at a first joint meeting of the consortium held on 15th May at Idonial facilities in Gijón (Spain). Among the main objectives that have been raised is the development of the manufacturing process through 3D printing of portable and intelligent devices with low consumption that are capable of generating different voltages in response to external stimulus, with the intention of capturing and collecting electrical energy in an efficient way.

To obtain successful results in this project, the consortium is working on an action plan based on research on innovative nanostructured elastomers, component design, geometry and characteristics, development of customized 3D printers, validation activities and the use of piezoelectric materials. 4DPrintEN is a project framed within the MANUNET Transnational Call 2018 program, which is possible to carry out thanks to the funding obtained from UEFISCDI in Romania and IDEPA in Asturias.