4D printed flexible and stretchable energy harvesting devices based on innovative electrically tunable elastomers
Project overview

In the era of energy shortage and scarcity, the concept of power generation through energy harvesting from the environmental movement has gained great importance, and the development of low power consumption portable devices could play an essential role.

4DPrintEN will address this challenge by developing the complete production chain of a new harvesting electrical energy device based on smart materials capable to generate different voltage in response to an external stimulus. This includes research on innovative nanostructured elastomers, design of components geometry and features, development of customized 3D printers and validation activities.

The efficient way for harvesting electrical energy from mechanical movements is based on the use of piezoelectric materials, so the influence of the shape and size of nanostructured elastomers in the piezoelectric properties will be analyzed and defined, allowing 3D printed products to continue to evolve over time acting as smart responsive products under electromechanic stress.

Optical, Structural, and Dielectric Properties of Composites Based on Thermoplastic Polymers

As a result of the research activities being carried out within 4DPrinten project, new knowledge continues to be generated about optical, structural, and dielectric properties of composites based on thermoplastic polymers of the Polyolefin and Polyurethane type and BaTiO3 nanoparticles.

4DPrintEN project enters its final stage

Main aim of 4DPrintEN project is the development of the manufacturing process through 3D printing of portable and intelligent devices with low consumption that are capable of generating different voltages in response to external stimulus, with the intention of capturing and collecting electrical energy in an efficient way.

Vibration and Mechanical Shock Monitoring Using Flexible Piezoelectric Sensors

Vibration and Mechanical Shock Monitoring Using Flexible Piezoelectric Sensors

Official launching of the 4DPrintEN project, designed to manufacture electrical power generation devices by means of 3D printing

The incipient brushstrokes of this multidisciplinary project, which is scheduled to end in March 2021, have been presented at a first joint meeting of the consortium held on 15th May at Idonial facilities in Gijón (Spain).

Final results of MANUNET Call 2018

The call was launched with a total available funding of 16 million €. 20 regional and national funding agencies were involved.

The disruptive nature of 3D printing

According to the European Commission, 3D printing’s ability and advantages over traditional manufacturing open plenty of opportunities for verticals, spanning from product design and development, customization service, to restructuring of supply chain for higher efficiency.

Project consortium


The National Institute for Materials Physics Bucharest (project coordinator) is devoted to fundamental and applied research and development, with particular emphasis in the fields of solid state physics and materials research. It is as a center of excellence for international cooperation and high level education and provides a frame for interdisciplinary research in the materials science.


All Green SRL is a company founded in order to sustain the industrial implementation of the IPR owned by its researchers in the nano and biomaterials area. It develops applied R&D related to design and electrical features of materials at nanoscale, and has a good experience in modeling and simulation, broadband dielectric analysis and EMC tests.


Intelectro Iasi is a company in the sensing and microelectronics area that develops applied R&D activities related to electrical features of materials at nanoscale since its foundation in 2009.


IZERTIS is an IT Consulting Company that facilitates digital transformation in organizations through technology, consulting services and outsourcing solutions. Since 1996, it provides services to companies, institutions and Government. The IZERTIS group specializes in information technology, digital services and in the development and support of startups with new innovative business ideas and a high technological component.