12 meses no BME Growth
Pablo Martín Rodríguez Presidente y fundador Izertis

12 months in BME Growth

Today is exactly one year since we began listing in BME Growth. 12 months that have developed incredibly differently to how we could have ever imagined; a period that will be marked by a health crisis that has turned our lives upside-down, and that, sadly, is causing great suffering to society. Therefore, we would like to show our solidarity with the victims of Covid-19 and their families and give our gratitude to everyone that is still fighting on the front-line against the coronavirus.

What started out as a health crisis is now affecting the economy and is putting our resistance and resilience to the test as individuals and as a company. In both cases we are proud of our team. All Izertis team members have revealed their extraordinary abilities to rise beyond all problems and keep Izertis in operation without stopping, seamlessly meeting all our clients’ needs.

Therefore, despite the difficulties, we have closed the first half of the year meeting the targets set before the pandemic, increasing the turnover figure by 12.19% and the standardised EBITDA by 11.14% compared to the previous year.

These results have been accompanied by market trust, which has led us to multiply our share value by 3.75, from €1.70 on the first day at BME Growth, to €6.38 on 30th October, translating as a 275% appreciation.

We are currently in the midst of a Capital Increase valued at 5 million euros, which is being extremely well received by the market, therefore foreseeably the demand will be considerable.

This constant market trust, shown since we first set out on the stock exchange, along with the contract volume, meant that back on 23rd March 2019 we were able to be incorporated into the BME Growth 15 index, comprising fifteen companies with the greatest balance between stock market capitalisation and floating stock, and just 3 months later our trading method was updated from fixing to continuous.

After these 12 months, 15% of the shares outstanding are in the hands of Izertis employees. We are extremely proud of their implication and trust in this project.

We are also extremely proud of the companies that have decided to join Izertis, to share our ground-breaking business vision in the technological consultancy sector: Queres, specialising in document management systems and with an important presence in the eHealth sector; TicMind, one of the main Salesforce-based solutions providers; Solid Gear Projects, experts in developing mobile applications; SLA Consulting, specialising in business solutions for optimising processes; and BC Sistemas and the Ositel production unit, reinforcing our presence in the unified communications market.

Together we can keep building a different consultancy. Different in our offer of services and in our technological capacities, giving us a competitive advantage. And different in our corporate culture: Fluid, flexible, streamlined, innovative, creative, transparent and horizontal.

All these differences materialise in high level operational capacities, which help our clients to control and operate their technological projects and infrastructures, to create spectacular digital experiences, to manage client relationships, to redefine their internal processes, and to adapt them to present and future needs; in short, to complete their Digital Transformation processes.

Several days ago, the European Commission, along with the EuropeanIssuers and FESE, acknowledged our performance in the European Small and MidCap Awards, awarding us with the ‘Company of the Year’ prize, distinguishing us from companies from 36 growing stock markets across the whole of Europe, highlighting our “performance and stability” and mentioning our “clear potential for growth”.

We have spent almost 25 years on the market with positive annual growth rates, which have exceeded 30% over the past decade. Even over these times of healthcare crisis and huge financial uncertainty, we are still on track with our growth plan for the coming years, which aims to position turnover at 125 million euros by 2023.

As we have long upheld, it is a challenge that far from alarming us, motivates us each day, and pushes us to offer our absolute best at all times. In the end, it is an amazing journey.


We have the pleasure of inviting you to our online event taking place on 3rd December, where we will present the outcomes of the year’s contributions, future prospects, and details about the current Capital Increase. You can sign up on https://webinars.izertis.net/1-anno-en-el-bme-growth/