Izertis technology partner of the NEURON-DONES project to generate the energy of the future

Izertis is a technological partner of the international project NEURON-DONES, where it brings the latest technological trends to the unique scientific facility IFMIF-DONES. The purpose of this research infrastructure is, among other things, to study the materials that can be integrated into the interior of the nuclear reactor of the future. Moreover, this initiative faces an added challenge: many of the components needed to build the reactor do not yet exist. This is the importance of the IFMIF-DONES particle accelerator, as a test centre to be able to replicate what will happen to the materials inside the reactor, and where we are in charge of the design of a "digital twin" oriented to the simulation of certain operations that occur inside this particle accelerator. 

The NEURON-DONES project was designed with the aim of carrying out research to ensure the optimisation and improvement of processes at IFMIF-DONES in order to make the latest technological and industrial trends available to the infrastructure at an early stage for optimal implementation. NEURON-DONES is based on four fundamental vectors: sustainability, security, intelligent operation management and data flow optimisation.

Firstly, the sustainability of solutions will be addressed, as well as the latest security aspects. NEURON-DONES also makes use of artificial intelligence and quantum computing to ensure intelligent operation management, enabling rapid evolution of the systems and the operation plan until stable operation is achieved, as well as monitoring and analysis of anomalies or alerts for continuous process improvement. Finally, the optimisation of the data flow as an enabler and orchestrator of the solution proposed by NEURON-DONES will be addressed.

At Izertis, we are committed to research and development (I+D) projects that allow us to apply emerging technologies, such as AI or blockchain, in which we are experts for their implementation in the sector. These technologies represent a field in which we have cultivated a significant level of experience and expertise over the years. We are committed to harnessing this knowledge to design and implement innovative solutions. We look at how to integrate these cutting-edge technologies into existing processes and systems to improve operational efficiency, safety and sustainability. We strongly believe in the transformative potential of these tools and strive to continue to lead the way towards a more advanced and safer nuclear future.

En Izertis, apostamos por proyectos de investigación y desarrollo (I+D) que nos permiten aplicar tecnologías emergentes, como IA o blockchain, en las cuales que somos expertos para su implementación en el sector. Estas tecnologías representan un campo en el que hemos cultivado un nivel de experiencia y especialización significativo a lo largo de los años. Nuestro compromiso radica en aprovechar este conocimiento para diseñar e implementar soluciones innovadoras. Buscamos cómo integrar estas tecnologías de vanguardia en los procesos y sistemas existentes, para mejorar la eficiencia operativa, la seguridad y la sostenibilidad. Creemos firmemente en el potencial transformador de estas herramientas y nos esforzamos por seguir liderando el camino hacia un futuro más avanzado y seguro en el ámbito nuclear.