Georgia Izertis

Izertis, in charge of the communication for the Log-In project to bring digital transformation to Georgia

Technology company Izertis has won the World Bank-funded tender for the Log-In Georgia project, with Open Net as the end client, in its mission to digitize rural areas of the country and eliminate digital inequality. To achieve these goals, Open Net is working on three key components: the construction of a high-quality broadband infrastructure, along with the promotion of digital services and increased public awareness of the daily usability of digital technologies and the third the improvement of Georgia’s enabling environment for the development of a digital economy, including through the development of the legal, regulatory, and policy framework, and designing of measures to attract investment as per the upcoming National Digital Economy Development Strategy.

Such multilateral projects are a great opportunity to reach and open up new markets

This will be the first time the multinational specializing in digital transformation undertakes a project in Georgia, where it will be responsible for both the development and implementation of the communication campaign for Open Net, including the redesign of its digital platform and logo redesign. To launch the campaign, the Digital Experience team has visited various locations across the country to gather information, record audiovisual resources, and get a close understanding of the peculiarities, values, and behaviors of the people in this country. This approach will allow them to adapt their strategy precisely, ensuring that the campaign resonates authentically and meaningfully with the local audience. "We believe that a deep understanding of the community is essential for building genuine and lasting connections," says Ana Filipa Marques, International Projects Consultant & Contract Manager at Izertis.

For Paola Fernández, Digital Content Manager at Izertis and Team Leader of the project, "this type of multilateral project constitutes a great opportunity to reach and open new markets while making an impact on international projects of social significance. All of this strengthens our branding while reinforcing the already established expertise of DEX in this area, with successful projects in Latin American countries and in Europe."

This collaboration between Izertis and Open Net represents a significant step towards a more inclusive and connected world

Izertis thus establishes a new alliance with Open Net, reaffirming its commitment to digital transformation, bringing digitization to more disadvantaged regions, and raising awareness about the importance of new technologies to connect with the rest of the world. In order to make these goals achievable, Open Net is undertaking the construction of Fiber-Optic infrastructure, which given the high mountainous terrain of Georgia is quite a complex and difficult task. What makes this project quite unique compared to other such type of infrastructure projects tough, is the fact that  within the framework of this project, special attention is given to the development of digital literacy in areas such as education, healthcare and financial services, Internet usage, and social services for social minorities and people with disabilities. We would like to emphasize that all this would not be possible without the infrastructure works carried out within the framework of the Open Net project, taking into account the complexity of the works due to the mountainous nature of Georgia and the difficult terrain.

In essence, the goal is to eradicate the digital divide, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their geographical location or socio-economic situation, have access and can benefit from the opportunities offered by the digital age. This collaboration between Izertis and Open Net represents a significant step towards a more inclusive and connected world, where technology becomes a driving force for progress and development.