NOVA IMS Izertis

Izertis recognises Portuguese talent with the award to the best Data Science student at NOVA IMS University

At the ceremony held in Lisbon on 30 November, NOVA IMS and Izertis reinforced their collaboration by highlighting academic excellence in Data Science, with a prize including a financial award for the best student of the Master in Data Science and Advanced Analytics. 

With the presence of the CEO of Izertis Portugal, Ivon Ramalho, the event was not only due to the academic excellence, but also to the partnership between the technology company and the institution, highlighting the commitment of Izertis with the valorisation of the national talent to boost innovation and digital transformation.

NOVA IMS is one of the most internationally renowned universities. With more than 30 years of experience and accumulated success, it currently has six master's degrees in the top three of their respective categories at European level, three of which are also in the top three worldwide. Of these, the Master's in Information Management, specialising in Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence, has been consistently ranked the best in the world.

Izertis recognises and values talent as a pillar of digital transformation and innovation. With a growing presence in Portugal, the Izertis Group, with more than 27 years of history and currently more than 1,700 employees worldwide, has a consolidated and successful experience in the IT sector, innovation and digital transformation. Its Data Intelligence teams are a reference in the market, working with major brands and national and international companies.

As a result of this fruitful relationship, agreed in 2022, Izertis supports NOVA IMS' Master's Degree in Data Science and Advanced Analytics and, in addition to offering the possibility of paid internships, is awarding a prize of €1,000 to the best student through this event.

Ivon Ramalho, CEO of Izertis Portugal. He commented at the event on "the strong investment that the company has made in Portugal, in the creation and development of a hub of skills and talent for the whole world". He added that it was a "privilege and an honour to reward the talent - along with the results - of young professionals; who will be the future leaders".

Nuno Nogueira, Human Resources Director of Izertis in Portugal, highlighted that the company has grown with talents trained and prepared by Portuguese universities that, in many cases, are among the best in the world, such as NOVA IMS, a reference and a stimulus for innovation".


NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) is the School of Information Management of the New University of Lisbon. This institute was created in 1989 in response to the shortage of management staff specialised in information management and the growing need to use new information technologies. NOVA IMS currently provides high-level education to more than 3,000 students, including undergraduate, postgraduate and master's programmes.