Erasmus + Izertis

Izertis takes part in the European Erasmus + project for green entrepreneurship

Concern for the environment is one of the major concerns of young people today. Therefore, many formulas are being developed to improve the quality of the planet we live on through sustainable and innovative solutions. One of the European platforms that is committed to this is Erasmus +, and within this is the plan "EGE: Empowering Green Entrepreneurship" Empowering Green Entrepreneurship" The project is co-funded by the European Commission, through the Erasmus +project and the Spanish National Erasmus+Agency, Sepie. The program aims to cultivate green entrepreneurship through a free training course, developing a green business mindset among entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEsgreen entrepreneurship through a free training course, developing a green business mindset among entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs.


The purpose of the consortium of entities that have come together to develop this project is to develop an inspiring training course that integrates innovative approaches and motivating methodologies based on green entrepreneurship. This will enable future entrepreneurs and current employees to acquire green skills and knowledge, and provide them with the motivation to incorporate sustainable practices into their day-to-day business. 

The training will provide a 360° view on green entrepreneurship

These initiatives are aligned with the policy areas outlined in the European Union's Green Deal plan, whose main objective is to achieve climate neutrality in the EU by 2050.

Therefore, Izertis joins this initiative with Erasmus +, with the aim of training online and in person a large number of new and future entrepreneurs, startups and other SMEs interested in this concept. Inspiring audiovisual material and interviews on green and sustainable business practices will also be included.

The training will cover different topics to get a 360° view on green entrepreneurship. Of the 12 topics to be covered in the course we can find the elimination of pollution, clean energy, corporate sustainability or Industry 4.0, among others.

In addition, several entities from different countries are participating in the project, which will contribute their experience in innovation, education and technology. Izertis contributes its knowledge as a digital transformation consultancy, fully aligned with the so-called "Twin Transition" digital and green, and therefore committed to the change and digital transformation of organisations using technology, consultancy services and outsourcing solutions, always within the framework of sustainability.

From this link will be able to access all the information about registration and access to training. Both the platform and the course are available in the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, Greek and Romanian. The course is open to all those interested in the subject, and once completed, each student will receive a certificate of completion.

Don't hesitate and join the green change!