Banco de España

Izertis signs a new contract with Bank of Spain

Our consultancy firm has won the public tender to provide the maintenance and evolution service of the local environment for the development of the domains of the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) system, which is the responsibility of the Bank of Spain.

The TARGET2-Securities system is a computerized platform dedicated to securities settlement throughout Europe that began operating in June 2015. This Eurosystem project has been developed and is maintained by the 4CB, which is how the group of central banks of Spain, France, Italy and Germany is known. Each of these banks has been responsible for developing and maintaining some part of T2S.

This Environment is in turn made up of the execution environment of the different technologies in which the T2S domains are built and in the development environment itself, this encompasses coding and unit testing, software deployment (compilation, packaging and installation) and automatic tests.

Among the objectives of the support service, the maintenance of the current local T2S Development Environment of the Bank of Spain stands out so that the appropriate teams can carry out their functions normally and with minimal interruptions, as well as the possible evolution of this environment according to business and technological requirements of the Bank of Spain.

Ensure service coverage so that it has the necessary capacity to meet the demands for maintenance and evolution of the applications

Through this award, Bank of Spain aims to ensure service coverage during the entire time slot of the service so that it has the necessary development capacity to meet, within the required periods, the demands for maintenance and evolution of the applications.

Part of this maintenance are the interventions that must be carried out to solve a loss of service, or the housekeeping tasks to maintain order and avoid system degradation, as well as those related to the maintenance of the software level of the different products and tools.

Thanks to this tender with the Bank of Spain, our consultancy adds a new contract with public administrations that joins other projects such as the European Defence Agency, the Community of Madrid or the Government of Cape Verde, among others.

“This is a project of continuity over time in which our firm has a differential value, being a specialist in Mainframe Virtualization within a context of Business Modernization and DevOps, in addition to knowing the processes and actors involved. Above all, we provide a highly qualified and flexible multidisciplinary team with a high commitment to the objectives of the Bank of Spain”, has highlighted Belén de Vicente, our Lead of Digital Architecture & DevOps.