Izertis DONES 2024

Izertis, in DONES Xcitech 2024: "The future of nuclear fusion will only succeed with collaboration between industry and technology"

Izertis has returned for the second consecutive year to the annual DONES Xcitech 2024 school, associated with the IFMIF-DONES facility, which was held in Granada. After the first edition in 2023, the event aims to become a benchmark for Big Science technologies, an incubator for qualified professionals and a meeting point between academia and industry. Izertis, sponsor of the event, was once again represented by Nuria Rodríguez, Innovation Consultant, with more than 15 years of experience in the preparation and management of national and international R&D&I projects, who was one of the speakers among a relevant group of experts.

The conference was aimed primarily at postgraduates and professionals from various disciplines who were looking to gain an insight into the 'Big Science' industry and large scientific facilities. Among the speakers present in Andalusia were F4E department heads, such as Susana Clement; the IFMIF-DONES team, including its director, Ángel Ibarra, its deputy director, Moisés Weber, and the deputy coordinator, Santiago Becerril; CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) project leaders such as Maurizio Vretenar; or Rafael Vila, one of the group leaders of the European reference project on the subject, EUROfusion, who works at CIEMAT (Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research).

The future of nuclear fusion will only succeed if there is effective collaboration between industry and technology

Izertis' commitment to the school, as Nuria Rodríguez explains, sought to "give our vision of the industry in the field of fusion and help new researchers and students understand all the options they have within the field of R&D in a business environment. There is a need to evangelise and make people understand that companies also do R&D and that the results are tangible and can be seen to be implemented. In the case of fusion, the times are longer, but the essence is the same as for any other field, R&D programme or project.

His talk, which was part of the 'Industry Support to the Big Science' block, was aimed at highlighting the importance of the company's industry in the Big Science industry. "As I already stated in the blog post "The sun and its twin", the future of nuclear fusion will only be successful if there is effective collaboration between industry and technology," he explained. "It is necessary to have a symbiotic and effective collaboration between all of us in this world". 

Izertis and the merger

Izertis has emphasised its commitment to R&D and technology and its potential in critical environments

After explaining the potential of Izertis, "which has gone from being an SME to become a technological mid-cap with international projection", Nuria Rodríguez explained how the multinational got to know the IFMIF-DONES facility and the consortium that manages it, IFMIF-DONES Spain. "In our case, the opportunity came from the NEURON-DONES project, where we were looking for an expert in Artificial Intelligence and R&D experience capable of exploiting the associated technological developments," he explained. A union that has allowed Izertis to position itself and "be at the forefront of technology in terms of particle accelerators and to be able to generate business, both current and future, in this line".

With the sponsorship of DONES Xcitech 2024, Izertis has highlighted its commitment to R&D and technology and its potential in critical environments, such as the field of fusion. "In addition to creating synergies, reconnecting with speakers and professionals of reference, with members of the University of Granada (UGR) and IFMIF-DONES, the dissemination and evangelisation work carried out among young students and researchers is relevant. In addition to strengthening relations with other entities with which collaborations can be established in this field at European and global level," adds Nuria Rodríguez.