Physio project Izertis

Izertis develops an analytical platform for spinal cord injury patients

At Izertis we remain committed to digital transformation. On this occasion, we focus on the PHYSIO CSCI 2022 project, funded by the CDTI, which aims to research, develop and evaluate a system for respiratory rehabilitation through electrostimulation, aimed at patients with cervical spinal cord injury, with the manufacture of a textile device. This initiative is based on the creation of waistcoats equipped with electro-stimulatory sensors according to specific treatments, with parameters that complement physical rehabilitation at the respiratory level.

In this programme, we develop the software modules necessary for the configuration of the device, as well as the communication protocols that allow the exchange of data with it, and the integration of data from other devices that can measure the physiological response of the user.

We apply this technology to enable the medical profession to observe the impact of treatments on patients

The project will be carried out jointly with COCEMFE Toledo Servicios Múltiples, with the help of the technological innovation centre Tecnalia Research & Innovation, and with the Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos de Toledo. For its part, CTS carries out the textile research and development of the device. In addition, Tecnalia will be in charge of the electrical stimulation, while the Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos de Toledo will be responsible for defining the requirements of the device and carrying out the tests with the patients.

We create a platform that will collect the information of each patient, facilitating the work of the doctors

As experts in emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, we apply this technology to enable the medical profession to observe the impact of treatments on patients. On the other hand, we will configure the sensors to work in a certain way in tasks related to extracting information from medical data using AI algorithms. 

We created a platform that will collect information on each patient, i.e. the digitisation of data that was previously taken by hand, making doctors' work easier. A project that follows the line of work as a consultancy focused on driving digital transformation and innovation.