Izertis develops an artificial intelligence system for the automatic monitoring of the progress of photovoltaic works

Our company has developed a new system that allows the automatic monitoring of the degree of progress of the works in the construction of photovoltaic plants, jointly by the industrial company Gonvarri Solar Steel, as well as quality control, through a service based on drones and Artificial Intelligence.

Among the challenges that our firm has had to face in the development of this project are the follow-up of procedural and automatic work, the fusion of CAD plans (as planned) and drone image (as built) and the preparation of reports and dashboards for monitoring.

The commissioning of energy projects is a complex task that requires careful monitoring of all project assets. Our organization, for its part, has proposed a system based on Artificial Intelligence, applying Artificial Vision and Deep Learning algorithms for the detection, location and classification of elements in images.

Through the flight of a commercial drone equipped with a high-resolution camera, images of the current moment of the plant are supplied. This information will be processed automatically by the system based on Artificial Intelligence.

With this, a current analysis of the plant is carried out and, based on a comparative overview, the degree of total progress of the work is determined objectively and without room for different interpretations. 

By means of Artificial Vision, images are processed by areas that, thanks to recognition models based on neural networks, it is possible that each element of the image can be segmented, identified and classified according to its type.

Dashboard and data evolution

The extracted data is arranged in a dashboard designed by Gonvarri Solar Steel's engineering team, so that its visualization is representative and navigable according to monitoring requirements.

The system developed by our firm allows to count and locate all the elements that make up each solar tracker regardless of the degree of advancement of its installation.