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Izertis develops the conversational assistant for the Smart City project METACIUDAD

Izertis participates in the METACIUDAD Smart City project, a 360º citizen management platform, integrating a virtual assistant that allows users' most frequently asked questions to be answered, both by locals and visitors, through a conversational assistant, giving visibility to the city's commercial, tourist and cultural offer.  

The virtual assistant that incorporates the METACIUDAD project, developed in collaboration with Smart City Cluster, Neuromobile and I-Urban, allows to solve those questions that are most likely to be asked by users and provides access to information in the systems of managers, tourists, citizens, and entrepreneurs. In addition, it enables the implementation of dissemination campaigns via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and other messaging channels managed from the METACIUDAD Platform.  

By exploiting the tagged and categorised data enabled by Neuromobile's technology, our team has developed a conversational assistant to manage, supervise and monitor conversations using NLU/NLP artificial intelligence.  

Among the functions of the METACIUDAD initiative is the compilation of the updated cultural offer, users will have, among other services, the opportunity, based on the scheduled date, to find out about all the events and activities that will take place in the city.  

METACIUDAD allows the unification of this type of services related to citizenship, in a compiled form and from a single solution, both private companies and local administrations until now promoted their own services individually and from different digital tools. 

"Thanks to this project we have managed to put both the citizen and the tourist at the centre of the city's equation, it is for them and because of them that this platform stimulates the local economy by providing municipal managers and technicians with all the levers for citizen participation and loyalty from a single solution. In this way, Izertis has strengthened its position as a developer of conversational assistants in the market", has highlighted Cristina Martínez, our Project Innovation Manager.  

The main objective is the development of a platform where the focus is on providing solutions to citizens

The main objective is the development of a transversal Smart City management platform where the focus is on providing solutions to citizens, focusing technological development on the well-being and daily life of people.  

This initiative will boost the local economy by increasing the digitalisation of communication processes, increasing citizens' perception of the quality of local administrations and public services, personalised management of Intelligent Tourism Destinations (ITD) and visitor relations, as well as enhancing communication between public services and civic associations.  

METACIUDAD is a project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through the 2022 call for Innovative Business Groupings, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, and which has also won a prize in the "V Contest of technological ideas for retail" in its 2023 edition. The consortium is composed of Smart City Cluster, iUrban, Neuromobile and Izertis.