Izertis applies AI in Indecopi

Izertis applies AI to improve INDECOPI's management system in Peru

Our firm, through a public tender contract, has developed an innovative project to improve the efficiency of the Intellectual Property Administration System (INDECOPI) in Peru through the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

INDECOPI strengthens protection of consumer rights

The objective of the project has been the implementation of a set of solutions that take advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence for the deployment of tools that allow better management and administration of INDECOPI's trademark registration and citizen services. Solutions aimed at improving the intellectual property administration system in the process of analysing trademark and patent applications to INDECOPI.

INDECOPI (the National Institute for the Defence of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property) reinforces the protection of consumer rights and promotes a culture of fair and honest competition in the Peruvian economy, safeguarding all forms of intellectual property. Thus, this project arose to support INDECOPI's institutional strengthening, specifically by optimising and simplifying its activities and procedures, in order to improve its response to requests and provide more predictable services.

"We are particularly pleased to have been part of this project together with a leading international organisation such as INDECOPI in Peru. To do this, we have relied on a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in different areas of Artificial Intelligence,"said Miguel Ángel Acero, our Director of Digital Transformation Strategy & Tech Innovation. 

Our firm has extensive experience in artificial intelligence projects

One of the most requested services at INDECOPI is the registration of trademarks, which includes processing and evaluation, as well as a prior advisory service through which users consult the viability of their trademark proposals and receive technical support from INDECOPI. It is in this service that the different solutions have been implemented. To this end, we have developed different solutions, such as: a virtual assistant solution (SaaS type) that allows citizens to receive automatic answers regarding the services provided in the trademark registration process; a computer vision-based figurative trademark similarity analysis system; a solution to improve the tasks associated with the trademark classification procedure; an application to facilitate the distribution of the workload among the trademark registration team; an application that provides advice to examiners in the process of assessing the registrability of a trademark.

To tackle this project, our firm has extensive experience in artificial intelligence projects, both nationally and internationally. This is the second project carried out by our firm together with INDECOPI in Peru, the first being the design of its corporate digital transformation.