Goverment of Cantabria Izertis

The Government of Cantabria awards Izertis and CIC Consulting Informático the management of ACAT systems

The joint venture formed by our company and CIC Consulting Informático company will be in charge of technical assistance for the maintenance and evolution of the Information Systems and Infrastructure of the Cantabrian Tax Administration Agency ('ACAT' in spanish) from this month. The project comes at the same time of transformation for the agency, since a high percentage of procedures are seeing their administrative presentation modality accelerated, going from face-to-face registration to online in order to avoid contagion by Covid-19.

The contract awarded to both corporations as a public tender, includes the maintenance of the information systems of the Cantabrian Tax Administration Agency, in addition to supporting its technological architecture together with its information security systems and the general management of the service. The proposal presented by both companies includes the ‘generation of principles and good practices of realistic application’ with which it is intended to anticipate risks that could affect the development of the project or the quality of the software. Thanks to this methodology, 'ACAT' will be able to anticipate deviations, minimizing and eliminating possible project risks. The chosen technology will give continuity to the developments already implemented in the administration, among which are technologies such as Java, or Oracle.

The Cantabrian Tax Administration Agency is the autonomous entity that is in charge of the management, settlement, collection and inspection of all taxes and fees of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria, such as vehicle transfers, successions, or general tax transactions, among others.

The team formed by our firm and CIC Consulting Informático has started working on this service since March and will continue for two years with the option of renewal up to a maximum of four.

Both companies have extensive experience in the public sector. Our company has been working for the 'ACAT' for more than 10 years and accumulates managed services for governments, town halls and public entities, among which the Madrid Autonomous Region, 'Xunta de Galicia', 'Diputación de Barcelona', or Government of Castilla la Mancha, etc. For its part, CIC Consulting has carried out the maintenance of the Information systems of the Government of Cantabria for more than ten years and has an important background in Public Administrations, governments and town halls among the most prominent Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment, Madrid Autonomous Region, Government of Cantabria, Town Councils of: Santander, Valencia, Alcobendas, Pozuelo de Alarcón, University of Cantabria, Cantabrian Health Service and Port of Tarragona.

Altogether, the joint venture formed by our corporation and CIC Consulting, has been collaborating for more than four years to continue the management processes and improvement of 'ACAT's' online applications and services. This is in addition to CIC's experience, since 2009 it has been uninterruptedly performing maintenance and evolutions of the applications, which favors the consolidation of the system.