Caja Rural

Caja Rural Asturias awards Izertis the development of its corporate intranet

Our company has been awarded the design, analysis, development and implementation of the corporate intranet (Digital Workspace) of Caja Rural Asturias. With this project, our firm seeks to design an intranet, through Liferay technology, that is the base for the communication solution of their employees, at the same time is sufficiently robust, scalable, secure and integrable with other platforms in order to that it covers not only current needs but also future ones, though.

This proposal is estimated to be active and available to users after the summer of 2021. Among its functionalities, it is worth highlighting personalized sections with different accesses to users, wiki, event calendars, list of highlighted news, areas with access to different areas of the company, as well as the possibility of creating a favourites menu so that each employee can personalize it by including the links that they find most interesting.

“This project represents a new challenge for our firm, of which we are completely convinced that the results will be more than satisfactory. Creating unique and differentiated digital experiences for each client, always attending to their needs is our hallmark”, has highlighted Melisa Fernández, our Lead of Digital Platforms.

Both the graphic design and the methodology used and the different functionalities are designed taking into account the user as the centre of the process, facilitating its use in all devices and using a design oriented to conversion, which in this case we can say is satisfaction of the employee. In principle, the intranet will be developed in Spanish, being able to add all the languages that are necessary in the future.

Among the many analytical tools that the financial institution may benefit from thanks to the proposed proposal, the following stand out; site and web page, content and form analytics, audience segmentation and A / B testing.

Liferay technology used in this project, for its part, not only allows business users to create experiences, which it enables to easily develop content pages, but also personalizes these experiences for employees where each can enjoy a different version of the same page depending on the segment to which it belongs.