AEMET entrusts its advanced content distribution service to Izertis

Our company is already working towards taking the advanced web content distribution service of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) worldwide, set to be up and running during the next few months. The contract will meet the current access requirements of the Agency portals in light of the growth in hits on the website in recent months, having grown exponentially during the last few days with the arrival of Storm Filomena.

To be precise, AEMET is one of the most visited websites in Spain (currently ranked 67th) and it receives more than 28 million visits every month. That’s why in early 2021 the increase in scalability ordered from Izertis will already be up and running, with AEMET estimating a forecast maximum delivery of 450 TB/year for web portal traffic in the period during which the service shall be in place, with fixed consumption of 360 TB/year and variable consumption (according to requirements) of 90 TB/year.

The provision of this advanced content distribution service shall focus on achieving a qualitative and quantitative improvement in portal performance by means of a global network, thereby generating a substantial reduction in browsing access times and improving the customer experience, avoiding overloads.

What’s more, work is already being carried out on the inclusion of major improvements to the loading of information by the user, or the request for personalised information which may require calculations and/or consultations of data bases.

The proposed service provides mechanisms to avoid the collapse of servers, such as static content caching systems, IP Blocking and referred checking, or availability when the internet goes down (alternative routes), amongst other options.

With this in mind, in this project our company will be backed up by Transparent CDN, a company specialised in the management, assembly, configuration, administration and development of content distribution solutions.