Xray becomes an official Izertis partner for quality software management

One of the strategic lines of our company is to incorporate new tools into our daily activity that, due to their category or specialty, provide a differential point to the development of essential activities. Along these lines, we make it official that, in recent days, we have achieved the partnership certificate with the software management company and native quality management Xray.

The Xray tool is designed to provide quality in each of the stages of software development. In turn, it is known for creating tools that support the software development lifecycle and help teams maintain the highest quality standards. In fact, its leading test management application has already been adopted by users in more than 5,000 companies, including many of the 500 largest globally such as BMW, Samsung and Airbus.

Among its main characteristics, the following stand out:

  • Development requirements linked to tests, designed not overlook other tests, so that, their quality systems are integrated into all developments.
  • Development and quality control union. With Xray, QA and Development use the same terminology, with which it generates a panoramic view with which to control the processes of others; that is, quality works with the agility of DevOps.
  • Streamline development and testing in a single collaborative workflow. Line up equipment, run tests at high speed and high consistency.

Differential element to our agile software methodologies, quality management and error prediction

According to José Aracil, Head of Quality Assurance of our firm, “collaboration agreements of this scope are those that provide the differential element to our agile software methodologies, quality management and error prediction, increasing at the same time the prestige of our service and the customer experience”.

In addition, Xray stands out for being used as a centralized tool for the execution of test specifications. It supports agile development processes and integrates seamlessly with Jira. Its user interface stands out for its simplicity, hosting a large API, so it takes little time to get used to its use.