Naeco entrusts Izertis with its international digital sales strategy

Increasing organic traffic, increasing lead generation, analysing what is happening on their website or launching their new brand image are just some of the assignments we carried out for Naeco, a company specialising in the manufacture of all kinds of logistics solutions for companies, such as pallets, boxes and containers made from recycled plastic waste.

Izertis is considered one of the largest Performance specialists in Spain, as evidenced by the data collected from its clients. In the specific case of Naeco, which has entrusted Izertis with the management of its Digital Advertising campaigns and its SEO and web analytics strategy, the results can be seen in its dashboards: traffic grew by 37% in the last recorded fiscal year, with an increase of 56% in the Organic channel, for which the SEO consultants of the Izertis Digital Experience team are responsible.

Our company is also among the main players in the market, standing out for its high rate of recurrence of contracts and services. An example of this is the relationship we have maintained with Naeco for several years, in which we have been multiplying the results obtained, and which has allowed us to become a highly capable partner for this firm with an international presence in 11 countries.

An example of this is the role played by Izertis in the change of Naeco's identity. In 2020, the company Nortpalet underwent a profound transformation process and became Naeco. With the help of the Design, Advertising, SEO, Communication and Web Analytics services of the Izertis Digital Experience team, Naeco saw the light of day as a company with a completely renewed mission: to build a more sustainable and environmentally friendly environment based on its many years of experience and knowledge in the sector.

One of the largest Performance specialists in Spain and one of the main players in the market, standing out for its high rate of recurrence

Naeco specialises in creating logistics solutions for any market. Undoubtedly, the value of its activity lies in its commitment to sustainability. Many of its products are made from recycled plastic waste and all of them can be reused when they reach the end of their useful life.

Their commitment to sustainability and the environment has helped them to position themselves as a pioneering and cutting-edge company, capable of adapting to the demands of a dynamic industry where efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important.