Juan Carlos Ureta Izertis

Juan Carlos Ureta joins the Izertis Board of Directors

The founder and current chairman of Renta 4 Banco financial institution, Juan Carlos Ureta, will be part of the Board of Directors of Izertis, following his entry into the company as an independent member on Wednesday. His incorporation took place on the same day that the technology consulting firm announced its financial results for 2022, which showed a growth of 35% (92.2 million euros) and a normalised EBITDA increase of 54% compared to the previous year (12 million).

With this new addition, the multinational specialist in digital transformation processes adds a reference profile in the international investment and banking sector to its project, accumulating over 40 years of experience, 25 of which have been in executive positions of high management and governance of financial sector entities.

Ureta begins his journey in the project of the BME Growth listed company, just at the time when the firm has launched its Strategic Plan for 2027, which aims to exceed 250 million euros in revenue, accompanied by a normalised EBITDA of 33 million. In 2022, the project has managed to multiply its revenue by 10 from the 9.4 that it obtained 10 years ago.

The entry of this new member into the Board of Directors will open up new business development opportunities in the financial and economic matters of the Spanish company, as well as generate new synergies for its short and long-term growth.

"I am especially excited about this project that I am embarking on, as it is a sector that is constantly growing, with a management team that has demonstrated with facts how far it can go. With my arrival, I hope to bring my experience to this team that I know closely and have seen working for a long time. My desire is that we can grow together facing the challenges that the market may bring us".