Izertis unites The Quantum World Association

Izertis becomes part of the quantum World Association (QWA), an independent and non-profit business organization whose main objective is to promote the deployment of quantum technologies in companies and share business prospects, experiences and ideas, through networking groups and conferences that contribute to the practical understanding of this new technological revolution, connecting researchers, universities, companies and private public institutions.

The incorporation of Izertis to the World Quantum Association (QWA) will be linked to the quantum Blockchain Alliance project, a collaborative environment in which joint work and the exchange of synergies and knowledge between the two organizations is key to explore, identify and promote the potential benefits that the union of quantum computing and blockchain technology can offer within the present and future business environment.

Being part of this working group becomes a great opportunity to develop collaborative agreements and launch joint initiatives and solutions around the impact of upcoming technologies related to the quantum block chain.