Certificación CMMI

Izertis renews its CMMI level 3 certification

The CMMI Institute has renewed our firm's CMMI V2.0 level 3 certification, which is recognition of the quality of our software systems engineering and management methodologies.

This level of certification confirms that the software development processes in our company are well defined and documented, and it is applied through methodologies and tools with the highest quality standards. It also recognizes a proactive approach focused on continuous improvement for project and process management.

The CMMI model proposed by the CMMI Institute was developed at Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute in collaboration with the US government, industry and academics with the aim of helping the Department of Defence and its contractors, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, to improve their software engineering capabilities.

Juan José Parada, Head of Smart Software Labs of our firm, "this recognition validates our commitment to continuous improvement and quality linked to cutting-edge technology projects, which results in the satisfaction of our customers".

At present, the CMMI Institute's commitment is to inspire a culture of continuous improvement that promotes performance and creates a sustainable competitive advantage.