Izertis receives visits from educational centers to encourage young people's job orientation towards IT sectors

Today we still have few highly qualified technological profiles able to address the digital transformation in the industry and in the business fabric of the future. Therefore, in order to solve the lack of STEAM professionals in Izertis we have always been very clear that it is necessary to stimulate the vocations of the youngest from the very educational system.

We understand that the key is in education. That is why in Izertis we want to reflect our commitment to the educational community, offering job orientation and an approach to IT-related studies.

Students in practice in Izertis office. Photo 1

Students in practice in Izertis office. Photo 2

To achieve this goal, we give the opportunity to different secondary education centers, high school, universities and vocational training to visit Izertis facilities to teach them what we do in different areas of business, guide them to develop their career to IT sectors with greater professional output such as the branches of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and we also value the possibility of doing internships with us.

During the educational visits of students, which take place every Friday, in addition to accompanying them to visit our offices, we present practical cases of projects that are developed by some of our operations areas. Among the centers that have already visited us are: the first course of the PT of Telecommunications Systems of the Fernández Vallín Institute and the students of the optional ICT of 4th of Compulsory Secondary Education of Colegio Virgen Mediadora.