Social Security IT Department Izertis

Izertis provides support for the teleworking of the Social Security IT Department

Public administration is gaining more and more importance in the digital metamorphosis processes that we are currently undergoing. Our company has a long track record in guaranteeing the functionality and operability of public administrations both in Spain and internationally, which is why more and more organisations are placing their trust in our services. 

On this occasion, it was the Social Security IT Department who entrusted us with the maintenance of the operating hardware equipment and associated software on which 5,000 complete telework stations are virtualised

All of this is carried out through a desktop virtualisation platform, which also includes dedicated services, secure physical access points, rack cabinets, connectivity elements and other peripheral elements, as well as all the firmware associated with this equipment. 

Likewise, we will be in charge of providing technical assistance to the requests of the users of this public body, in order to solve hardware failures or incidents related to the systems that host the solution.  Izertis is one of the leading specialists in workplace solutions including implementation and development of mobility systems, virtual desktops, application of different modalities that allow teleworking, and infrastructures for public organisations and private entities. 

"For us, security within each work ecosystem is fundamental. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve the correct development of the activity of those who work in an organisation as important as the Social Security IT Department",  ha said Juan Carlos Seco, Head of Presales and Consulting at Izertis.