Izertis participates in the ICT Business Consolidation and Growth project CCE_3

Project "ICT Business Growth and Consolidation CCE_3", (Exp. IDE/2016/000414), co-financed by the Government of the Principality of Asturias through the IDEPA and the European Union through the FEDER Funds.

It is an initiative to promote the growth and consolidation of the ICT Sector of Asturias, through mergers and other cooperation instruments, which allow companies to acquire greater size, to be more competitive, to invest in a sustainable way in R + D + i, Incorporate talent through the best professionals, and facilitate its implementation in other countries.

The following entities participate: Knowledge of Asturias AEI (Project Coordinator), Felguera TI, Intermark IT, Izertis and Neosystems.


  • dentification of collaborative nuclei between companies as a basis for potential mergers, alliances, joint ventures, economic interest groups, ...
  • Generation of a structured and long-term framework between groups of companies that goes beyond mere punctual or temporary collaboration.
  • Commitment to converge to compete, grow and internationalize.


  1. dentification and study of the possibilities of approaching redimensioning processes: analyze the situation and possibilities of resizing.
  2. Configuration / search of strategic groups between participating companies and / or with other third parties that are incorporated to design resizing operations. Advance in the design of resizing operations with other companies.
  3. Support in the consolidation of resizing processes in progress.

The project has been subsidized by: