Izertis participates in the hackaton of IoT and Blockchain Camp 2018

Today began the first edition of the International Championship IoT Blockchain Camp 2018, in which from Izertis we will participate through our expert in Blockchain, Urko Larrañaga.

The event, to be held in Valencia from April 11th to April 15th, will combine several technical technology seminars and a 48-hour hackathon involving 70 experts from around the world. The main objective of this event is focused on the integration of IoT devices with Blockchain.

Challenges posed in the Hackaton:

  • Automating the behavior of products based on their expiration date: The price of the products will have to decrease as we approach the expiration date of a product.
  • system that rewards tourist places based on the visits received: development of a system that recognizes the visit of citizens and registers this information in the Blockchain. Depending on the number of visits received, make payments automatically.
  • Construction of reward systems for citizens who respect the environment and have sustainable (environmentally) habits.
  • Traceability of the quality and origin of the products.
  • other challenges such as identity management and that will be made public during the course of the Jronadas.

The participants in the Hackaton will face a series of real challenges applied to the tourism industry, energy, transport, health, sport and the Smart Cities, which they will have to solve throughout these days.

Attendance at the technical seminars, as reported by the organisers of the championship through its website, is a requirement, so that those people who have little experience in IoT or Blockchain and want to participate in the hackathon. In this way they will acquire the necessary skills to be able to compete. The most experienced on the other hand, can join directly to the Championship, as long as they demonstrate their skills in a selection process previously held.