Izertis participates in the first meeting of knowledge transfer on Artificial Intelligence organized by MetaIndustry4

On March 28, IZERTIS presented the main results achieved in the project that is being developed for the application of Artificial Intelligence in the production planning of metal industry, financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism through the call 2018 of Innovative Business Groups.

The presentation of conclusions and exchange of views on this project took place during the first meeting of the working group on knowledge transfer and good practices organized by MetaIndustry4 and attended by 11 companies of the metal sector.

During the networking meeting the main advances made by the Izertis team during the development of the project were shared, presenting the fundamental points that were considered during the data analysis process and were described the types of sources identified and selected for the execution of the works. Additionally, the industrial companies participating in the consortium explained the preliminary scope that the execution of the project is assuming for its operation.

Main conclusions of the IA project

Among the conclusions presented during the session there can be highlighted the following aspects:

  • The industrial companies started from a position of scepticism about the impact and usefulness of artificial intelligence on their everyday life, but with the development and results of the project they have identified and recognized the opportunities that the work developed by IZERTIS’ team can generate, expressing great interest in applying the results and continuing to advance in this line.

  • Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, results are achieved in a more agile and reliable way than with traditional production planning systems. In addition, it allows to replicate the global estimate towards the estimation of the rest of the subdivision tasks.

  • The IZERTIS Data Science team has managed to create high-value predictive models for the planning of the industrial companies of the consortium with a reduced number of historical production datasets justified by the type of goods manufactured by the consortium companies.

  • The development of the project has made visible the relationship between the level of maturity of the data and the relevance of the results obtained, as well as the importance of uniting the knowledge of data science and the manufacturing engineering to analyse the problem in question and to obtain results of a very high value for decision making.

The objective and the fundamental key of this group of work is to exchange a valuable knowledge on machine learning and artificial intelligence that serves like a starting point to give continuity to the results of the project in an evolutionary way and to share learnings and efforts to multiply the impact of the project.

The MetaIndustry4 Cluster is working on this ambitious project together with Izertis and other partner companies such as Asturfeito, Idesa, Thyssenkrupp, Vorago (Grupo Talento) and Mefasa-Grupo Glencore.