Izertis participates in the 8th week of the TIC impulse

Last Thursday, December 13, Sheila Méndez, Director of Digital transformation and innovation of Izertis and David P. Pancho, consultant presales of innovation, participated in the Conference "Blockchain and intelligent industry: opportunities and advantages"B that they organized the College of engineers technicians (CITIPA) and the official Association of engineers in computer science of the Principality of Asturias (COIIPA) during the VIII week of momentum ICT celebrated in Pola de Siero, Asturias.

Sessions, involving regional and national experts and numerous audience, were introduced and discussed the blockchain as a disruptive technology with an enormous potential for development in multiple areas.

For the industry, a partner with which to manage in a completely innovative way issues relating to traceability of processes, supply chain or maintenance control. In the field of digital identity, the blockchain allows citizens access to new services and keep under control your data at all times. Not in vain, during the event discussed on several occasions the ecosystem Alastria, supported by a multi-sectoral Consortium for the establishment of a semi-public infrastructure that supports legal services at the Spanish level and in accordance with the European regulation.

During her presentation, Sheila Méndez took a tour of the success stories of Izertis by applying blockchain to the industry, while David P. Pancho moderated the professional papers on blockchain representing to the College of engineers technical (CITIPA).