Izertis launches its Mobility Plan with the Car & Go campaign to encourage shared car trips among workers

Izertis has carried out the "Mobility and Road Safety Plan" corresponding to the year 2018 with the aim of offering alternatives to reduce the incidence of travel within the working day, thinking about the health of workers, as well as to reduce the environmental impact.

Reducir polución ambiental. Por eso para Izertis el compartir coche tiene premio
Car sharing has premium!

In order to meet these objectives, the Car & Go campaign was launched, aimed at workers who want to share a journey and car with other colleagues in the company. What is intended to achieve with this measure is, on the one hand, to reduce costs and, on the other hand, to help to protect the environment, significantly reducing polluting gases and high levels of pollution.

At Izertis, we are committed to respect and care for the environment. Therefore, from Talent & People we help our workers to manage it, putting them in contact with those colleagues who seek to share a vehicle. For this it will be necessary to fill in the following form and send it to rrhh@izertis.com.

  • Vehicles yes/no
  • Route / Starting place of the route and possible collection areas (you can send us your route in a GoogleMaps capture)
  • Trip schedule: Departure and return time
  • Only one way / round trip/li>

For those workers who decide to share a car with at least three people to come to work, they will have the opportunity to access one of the parking spaces reserved for the company. These places would be granted in order of seniority of one of the members of the car.