Izertis has achieved the Citrix Gold Partner certification

Izertis has acquired the well-known Citrix Partner Gold, certification, as a result of the high level of experience and commitment in Citrix mobility and virtualization technologies.

By passing the specialization tests, showing success stories in the end customer and complying with the billing requirement, Izertis has become a part of a distinguished group of technological partners and one of the main partners of Citrix in Spain.

To reinforce such a commitment towards the Citrix technology, 2 business Practicum, which implied the acquisition of 2 important specializations regarding virtualization and mobility, have been passed:

  • Citrix Virtualization Specialist

  • Citrix Mobility Specialist

The effort during the last months in the performance of such Practicum for each of the specializations, together with the expertise of the technical team and the years of dedication to this technology, allows Izertis to offer its clients the best design in technological solutions of business mobility and virtualization, and position itself before large projects where Partner, manufacturer and end customer work as a single team to achieve the best final result.