portfolio in innovation

Izertis expands its portfolio in innovation and exceeds 8.3 million euros in 2021

Our consultancy firm has ended 2021 with a global investment of 8.35 million euros in R&D projects, among which are pioneering initiatives and various collaborations carried out with corporations, organizations and national and international administrations. To this end, our firm has provided co-financing with its own funds of 4.32 million euros for its execution, which represents 42.5% more than the previous year.

The investment is concentrated in 20 projects, together with partners from 13 countries, which have mobilized 46.9 million euros for innovative initiatives and technological research in application fields such as health, industry, energy or food, among others. Among the main areas of action of these, technologies related to quantum computing, robotics, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity or bioprinting stand out.

Specifically, in the field of health, our company has managed to launch the pioneering projects eHealth and IA-BION. The first of these has put 18 entities in the health and technology field in contact, and has worked to improve treatment against idiopathic scoliosis in adolescents, digitizing, for the first time in Spain, the process of construction and assistance of the medical corset that gives treatment for this disease.

Likewise, our firm is also working on the 3D printing IA-BION project that will be capable of collecting human cell tumour cultures, with which to expand the research capacity of this disease. It would be achieved through artificial intelligence, facilitating the generation and study of cultures and its reaction to various drugs.

On the other hand, Alimes has been a recognized project in the field of food. This initiative establishes the bases for improving the nutrition of the population over 65 years of age in the region. Through new technologies, the treatment and exploitation of intestinal microbiome data (among other study parameters) will be achieved, facilitating a personalized feeding model for each individual, which prevents future diseases.

A protection mechanism focused on industries is generated to avoid complex cyberattacks, in addition to improving their resilience to them

For its part, in the case of industry, our consulting firm is working on a project to create cybersecurity technologies that mimic the functionalities of the human immune system. With this same procedure, a protection mechanism focused on industries is generated to avoid complex cyberattacks, in addition to improving their resilience to them. Another project in this sector would be SmartDelta, focused on the use of artificial intelligence to automate quality control or deterioration of industrial software systems, with which to detect, correct and optimize upcoming constructions.

It stands out in the Multihub energy sector, where our company is working on an electromobility project, facilitating users' access and availability of new, more efficient, sustainable and safer multi-vehicle recharging infrastructures. It is being possible to carry it out thanks to developers of power electronics systems, recharging point network operators, mobility consultants and ICT experts in Artificial Intelligence, IoT sensors or cybersecurity.

In turn, PQC-BAAS (combines Blockchain and Quantum Computing) works to offer solutions that mitigate the risk of encryption, designing new cryptosystems that can run on classical computers, but cannot be attacked by quantum computers. This is known as post-quantum cryptography. In fact, blockchain technology could also be affected by this phenomenon and for this reason, this project focuses on researching the implementation of post-quantum cryptography and its implementation on Blockchain, thus anticipating future threats.

For these 20 projects, our consultancy firm manages funding from organizations such as the European Commission, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, or the Government of the Principality of Asturias, among others.