Izertis 10 largest BME Growth companies

Izertis, consolidated as one of the top 10 largest companies of BME Growth

The BME Growth index is home to Spanish listed companies, with a focus on growth companies. Among them, the market itself made public just a few hours ago the 10 firms that stand out in the segment due to their size. 

Diversity of analysts who are currently monitoring the brand

Izertis, with a figure of around 200 million euros in market capitalisation, manages to climb the ladder with this figure and place itself among the largest companies. Izertis is also one of the entities in the segment that stands out for its visibility, due to two lines: 

Firstly, its sustained and prolonged growth over time. And secondly, the diversity of analysts who are currently monitoring the brand, such as the latest report published by the independent financial services company JB Capital, which has reiterated its buy recommendation, increasing its target price for Izertis shares by 2% to 10.5 euros per share

The forecasts of their increase can also be followed through Renta 4 Bancowhich has recently given it a potential of 30% upside potentialor GVC Gaesco, which has raised the forecast to 35% to 35% upside, with a reiterated buy recommendation.

Income and activity 

Estimated 33% average annual increase in revenues from 2020 until now 

Izertis is one of the companies with the highest growth rates in the total national market, with an estimated 33% average annual increase in revenues from 2020 until now. "If we look at the value of Izertis shares, despite the current uncertainty, our share price is currently over 360% of its initial price since we joined BME Growth less than four years ago, which puts us above the main international stock market indices," explains Julio López Armesto, Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. 

Recently, Inveready has reached an agreement to take on newly issued convertible bonds with a conversion price of 9.75 euros, i.e. it would exceed 25% of the current value of the corporation's share. In this way, it could increase its stake to 9 million euros, just two years after its first contact with Izertis, when the private equity fund specialised in this type of company carried out its largest transaction to date with resources of 4 million euros, also through Convertible Bonds. 

With this move, it ratifies its commitment to the company specialising in digital transformation processes, which ended 2022 with revenues of 92.2 million euros (+35.6% compared to the previous year) and a normalised Ebitda of 12.1 million (+53.6%). 

Izertis announced in April this year its new strategic plan through which it expects to exceed 250 million euros in revenues, also with the goal of surpassing 33 million euros in Ebitda.