Izertis celebrates the event Insurance and Data Analytics Meeting

Yesterday, Tuesday 5th November, Izertis held the event "Insurance and Data Analytics Meeting”, in the Impact Hub Picasso room in Madrid in collaboration with Sas.

During the day it was explored by experts from the sector, how this area of vertiginous changes is being experienced in the present and how it will be in the future from a data driven perspective in the actuarial sector.

Sebastián Ghilardi, Director of Banking and Insurance of Izertis and Emilia García, Director of Partnerships and Channel of Sas, opened the conference that brought together the important insurers of the sector. Both highlighted the transformation undergone by insurers and the latent need for solutions available in insurance and real time.

Jesús González, Director of financial solutions at Izertis, spoke about data-driven insurance and its digital transformation and said: “The main challenge in organizations today is to be able to obtain relevant information for the management of the huge amount of stored data. For this, the transformation of organization to Data Driven is increasingly necessary.”

For his part, Manuel Rodríguez, Cams & Fraud Security Solutions Manager at Sas spoke about artificial intelligence at the service of the insurance fraud management and stated: “ A practical approach in data analytics and digital transformation is necessary. What matters is the business process, in insurance and in other sectors”.

The day ended with an interesting panel of experts led by Miguel Ángel Acero, Head of Digital Transformation at Izertis and the guests, Daniel Muscará, Director of Corporate Projects at Santander Seguros and Carlos Calvin, Client Manager at Munich Re.

Both shared their experiences and actively invited the guests to jointly discuss the current and future situation of the private and public sector.

For his part Daniel said: “I am convinced of the importance of the data as a source of value generation” in the case of Carlos, he wanted to highlight: “Digital transformation has many faces, impacts in all the company’s processes and is the basis for all processes to be digitized and to generate new tools to impact the business, is the data”.