Izertis celebrates in Bilbao the Industry 4.0 and Data Analytics event

Next Thursday, November 15, Izertis and SAS organize in Bilbao the Industry 4.0 and Data Analytics event meeting, which will take place at the BEC, where in the hand of experts in different branches of industry 4.0 will address the main keys of this production model industrial among those that are: strategic orientation, artificial intelligence, and Iot, together with experiences and real cases developed in the sector. In addition, a Showroom will be enabled in which attendees will be able to test first hand some of the applications of the industry 4.0 and it´s advantages. The conference will be aimed at companies and professionals in the industrial sector who want to know the latest developments within the industry 4.0 and especially in key enablers, such as the exploitation and intelligent analysis of data along with the IoT devices.


11:00h - 11:15h Welcoming and presentation

11:15 - 12:15h Industry4Data - Strategy for a Smart industry based on data
Miguel Ángel Acero, Responsible of transformation and Industry 4.0 of Izertis.

11:45h – 12:15h From "Internet of things" to "Intelligence of things"
Luis Núñez, Principal Business Solution Manager in SAS

12:15h – 13:30h Round table and experts
CIOs vision of Industry 4.0:

  • Tubacex: Javier González, Digital Transformation in the Industry
  • Petronor: Arturo Fernández, Project Engineer.
  • Euskaltel: Javier Rodríguez, Director of Product Development and innovation.
  • SAS: Fernanddo Sánchez, Sales Industry Manager

13:30h – 15:30h Closing, Cocktail and Showroom