Izertis bets on healthy eating with the Izertis Fruit Day

Eating fruit daily is a food habit that is essential to keep a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, its high vitamin intake helps us to start the day with a good dose of energy. This is one of the reasons why, since last March 4, we celebrated every week in all our work centers the "Izertis Fruit Day", an initiative that aims to promote healthy eating in the office.

Izertis Fruit Day. ¡Sírvete tú mism@ en la cocina!

The fruit boxes that arrive are of recyclable cardboard, friendly with the environment and come with pears, apples, bananas and fresh mandarins of first quality, supplied by local fruit shops, in order to favor the businesses of our cities.

This service, which began as a pilot test in February, has been very well received by the workers of Izertis and will be available until the end of June.